Monday, 19 December 2011

Top Christmas Songs Ever

Well it's that time of year, and  what better way to celebrate than a countdown of my favorite Christmas songs. Obviously all Christmas songs are brilliant but I feel the need to whittle them down to a Top 5.

5) Mr Garrison - Merry Fucking Christmas
Ok, so not exactly one of the more "traditional" Christmas songs, but definitely one of the funniest. Equal parts festive and racist.

4) Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?
Mega Christmas guilt trip from all the best artists. Of course "there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time" , but that doesn't stop it being a brilliant song.

3) The Darkness - Christmas Time
What more could you want for Christmas than ridiculous guitar lines and Justin Hawkins in a cat suit? All Christmas songs should have to belted in a falsetto as impressive as this.

2) Wizard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
I thoroughly agree with the message of this song. It would be so awesome. However, it would add to Britain's recession and obesity problems, so maybe we should just keep wishing. 

1) Wham! - Last Christmas
The bells. The bitter-sweet lyrics. That video. All reasons why this is the perfect Christmas song and why it tops my list. I listen to this song all year round and it's still brilliant.


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  1. Awesom list! I wrote a similar post at a friend's blog, Dude, I'm in a Band. I should have totally added the Darkness to that list... Next year!