Saturday, 10 December 2011

Single Of The Year 2011

This is a bit later than I wanted it to be so I expect you're bursting to see this list. Considering my album choices these may come as a bit more of a surprise. In at number 20.....

20) Itchin' On a Photograph - Grouplove's  Lead single off their debut album showed us how much fun they were.

19) Shake It Out - Florence & the Machine  Technically the first single off her second album, this pop gem got rid of any doubt that she'd lost her magic

18) Micheal Jackson - Das Racist    Are they joking? Are they serious? I dunno, but this was both hilarious and brilliant. And had the most stupid chorus of the year.

17) All We Wanna Do - Two Wounded Birds   Another surf-punk band with sing-along lyrics and hummable guitar lines. This is definitely a good thing.

16) Garden - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs   Subtle and tender yet awesome to dance to, this synthy wonder has you hooked from the opening chords.

15) Dirt - WU LYF   The bands first big single with an incredible video. Hard hitting and beautiful.

14) Money - The Drums   Let's be honest, The Drums were not going to come back as a hardcore band. Smith-esque guitar lines balance out perfectly with Jonathan's mopey lyrics.

13) Hunger - Frankie & the Heartstrings   If this was their statement of intent, then they sure told us what they were all about. A good old indie-pop band basically. Brilliant.

12) Otis - Jay Z & Kanye West   From the moment that sample comes in, to Kanye's last verse, this cleared up any uncertainty what 'Watch The Throne' was going to sound like. Mega.

11) Under The Cover of Darkness - The Strokes   Containing one of their best guitar lines yet and with Julian Casablancas showing how much vocal work he'd done while away, this blew everyone away and sent the internet crazy.

10) Make Some Noise - Beastie Boys  Another come back single with a lot riding on it. Squelchy beats and brilliant rapping showed that they could still compete for the rap crown.

9) No Rest - Dry The River   It's chorus is awesome. The instrumentation is awesome. It is massive. They are not Mumford & Sons.

8) Hello Sadness - Los Campesinos   Well I wasn't exactly going to leave them out was I? Showed Los Camp at their self loathing, depressing best. Which is why it's brilliant

7) Still Life - The Horrors   With their new chilled sound, this was perfect from chillin. It had a brilliant chorus though as well with trippy guitar and synth to back it up.

6) Gold Dust - DJ Fresh   This is incredible. The rapping! The drums! The bass! Perfect when you're smashed

5) The Look - Metronomy   Unveiling their new sound with this brilliant seaside tune. Chilled organ and bassline making the perfect combo to make it funky as well. Plus you can definitely make up dance moves for it.

4) Weekend - Smith Westerns   Definitely the best song to air guitar to all year. The riff is brilliant, but coupled with the laid back vocals and chorus, it is incredible.

3) Yonkers - Tyler the Creator    The moment were Tyler went from a cult LA rapper to a voice of angry youth. The dark beat and darker lyrics showed us the man who was going to be annoying people all year long.

2) If You Wanna - The Vaccines    Clocking in at just under 3 mins, If You Wanna takes all the elements to make a classic pop song. It's fast, simple and has a brilliant guitar solo. This was soundtrack to the summer and helped them to conquer every festival.

1) Reach a Bit Further - Wild Beasts     This was not the first single from the album, nor the biggest selling, but was definitely the best song on it, maybe the best they've ever done. The lush guitar line and tribal drums provided the perfect backdrop for the interweaving vocals, made up of Hayden's fragile falsetto and Tom's smooth whisper, this is perfect. Best song of the year definitely.

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