Monday, 5 December 2011

Christian's Sound of 2012 Shortlist

The BBC caused much hoopla today with their announcement of their Sound of 2012 list. In retaliation, I have done my own. ENJOY

By The Rivers.

Leicester reggae band. May not be winning any awards for originality, but they sure are fun.

 Death Grips

If you thought Odd Future were "a bit dark" this really isn't going to be your thing. Genre defying beats with the scariest MC  ever (maybe).

Dry The River

Ok, so they were on the BBC's poll, but  that's because they're brilliant. Folky guitars and violin with massive chorus'.

Egyptian Hip Hop

They've been floating around for a few years, but after finally completing an album, this year will be theirs.


They're already set to apparently "do a Vaccines" and they definitely have the songs to back it up. What they lack in The Vaccines raw energy, they make up in more considered song writing.

King Krule

He's being compared to Joe Strummer, Ian Dury and Jamie T and is still only 17. Formally known as Zoo Kid, his slowed down (kinda) raps will not exactly conquer dance floors, but are perfect chillin' music.  


Following in Wild Beast's footsteps, this Liverpool group locked themselves away to create their sound maaaaaan. And it really worked.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 

Turns out you don't need stupid basslines to make dance music these days. Minimal and groovy


They've been gathering support all year but with their debut finally being released, shit's gonna get real. 

Frank Ocean

Odd Future's crooner gets his debut re-released and his simple, sexy r'n'b will take over the charts.

Skrillex who?

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