Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New stuff

Thought I'd do another little post to tell everyone about new things I'm excited about.

James Blake- Enough Thunder EP
His album was brilliant, so this will probably be as good. PROBABLY. The Bon Iver collaboration is brilliant so All the other songs will be awesome. I saw him at Bestival and he was brilliant live as well.

Dry The River- Weights and Measures EP
These guys are definitely my favorite new band right now. They're kind of folky, but as an ex-metal band they have MASSIVE chorus'. Again, I saw them at Bestival and managed to get front row, so that was pretty cool. I cannot wait for this.

Florence and the Machine- Ceremonials
Ok so she has gone a little power crazy, but her debut is still brilliant and her new singles don't seem to have strayed too far away from that formula, so I'm happy. This will be huge.

Los Campesinos!- Hello Sadness
Already got this bad boy on pre-order, that's how excited I am. They are pretty much my favourite band ever. I think you can already guess at how much I'm going to love this.

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