Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hello Sadness Single Review

This review will most likely be very bias as Los Campesinos are my favorite band ever. This was put up as a free stream today and so I thought it was only fit I gave it a little review. First single off new album "Hello Sadness", "By Your Hand" was not what you'd expect from Los Camp. For one thing, Gareth actually, properly sung. It was definitely in a grower and seemed a little too upbeat for Los Camp on first listen the single, "Hello Sadness" continues in a similar vein with Gareth singing again, but this time it sounds less forced and the lyrics have more of a flow to them, and are more typical of the band. It sounds a lot more like Los Camp than the last single and the song is more instantly likable. The return of the violin also makes the song soar along with more typical self-depreciating lyrics. It's everything I wanted a new Los Camp song to sound like, and they completely deliver.

To be honest they could release anything and I'd love it, but it's nice to review it anyway


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