Monday, 14 May 2012

King City- Swim Deep

Realise this isn't the best picture, but the guitarist is playing my guitar so fuck you
About this time every year every music magazine tries to find the Song Of The Summer. Whether it's a stupidly happy sunshine inducing pop song (hello Vampire Weekend) or the anthem everyone will drunkenly yell along to come festivals, predicting it The Song is key to having a good summer. Well, I've found it. This is the song.

Swim Deep come as part of Birmingham's new indie vanguard and show clearly why B-Town is the place to be right now.Although this is not your typical summer song (more than three chords), it just has something undeniably summery about it. Chiming synths and a driving bassline carry the reverby vocals in 4 minutes of pure sun. This is not the soundtrack to intensive heat and barbecues, but instead that point after a few pints when everything is chilling and the sun starts going down. The lyrics could have been put to three chords and made to sound like every other "anthem", ("with the sun on my back it's a nice day"), but the melancholic, echoy vocal gives it a different dimension. Although you're not going to be hearing this blaring out every festival tent this summer, nor sound tracking every Magners ad, this song needs to soundtrack your summer.


Embedded the video so you don't even have to click a link anymore (this took me ages to work out how to do)

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