Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Band- Alt-J (∆)

Now is around the time of year when every music magazine/blog goes crazy with "the next big thing". However, I already kinda did that, but I thought I'd share this little music-nugget I found.

Four piece Alt-J (∆) don't seem to have much of an internet presence, and finding anything by them is a struggle at first. But with some careful keywording, you can finally get to their soundcloud. This doesn't give much away about the band apart from (probably the most important thing about them) their sound. After some more digging, you'll stumble across their BBC sessions. These show a four-piece band with two guitarists, drummer and keyboard player. But again little is said, and the songs do their own work. Alt-J mash together, delicate folk guitar lines, a distinctive vocals and um hip hop drums. And weirdly, it works brilliantly. "Breezeblocks" is a highlight and the singers nasal voice mixes well with folk-worthy harmonies and a beat Kanye would be chuffed with. Elsewhere the songs range from really delicate quiet folk numbers (Hand-made) to nearly complete hip-hop (Fitzpleasure). Oh and if you're wondering why triangles are plastered on everything they do, it's because "Triangles are my favorite shape".


Download their demos here and watch their BBC sessions here

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