Monday, 21 November 2011

Outfit- Two Islands/Vehicles Single Review

Outfit are being touted as "Liverpool's most exciting new band!", but without much proof. This double A-side is their first proper single and so a lot of pressure rides on it. And do you know what, I think they just deliver. The band apparently house-sat some mansion where they were able to near constantly practice and refine their sound till they were ready to face the big wide world. But what do they sound like? Well the short answer is a Scouse Wild Beasts. Minus the wobbly falsetto. But they definitely have the same ideas. The songs are sparse, with simple drums, reverby guitar and drawn out synth. They're not quite as chilled as Wild Beasts and there seems to be an element of tension that Wild Beasts often. Two Islands has the slight edge with a frantic guitar line and sweeping bass notes that make it a landscape of weird noises. It's proper good.



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