Thursday, 19 April 2012

Band Crush - Runaround Kids

Note: I have been awful at posting recently. There is no reason apart from that I'm really lazy. Sorry faithful readers

So recently I was trawling through my Twitter, when I saw a link from This Many Boyfriends to a band they loved. After closer inspection I saw that Los Campesinos! followed them and so I obviously had to give them a look. I followed the link onto their Bandcamp and went and listened to their latest single "You'd Feel The Same". And from then on I was in love. It's a song that makes no apologies, jumping straight in with fuzzed guitar and shouty vocals, but then all of a's calm and mellow. Oh but then straight back into the shouting. So basically it's brilliant. The band, residing from Wakefield, have been around for a while, releasing EP's and an album to a small but dedicated fan base. Like Johnny Foreigner if they'd been more lo-fi, the mix of noisey fuzzed guitar balances perfectly with their frustrated lyrics and slower, calmer moments. Fitting right in with bands such as Los Campesinos and Johnny Foreigner, they may not be massive, but you will love them.

Find the band at: @runaroundkids or at their bandcamp

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